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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, John Moll who was born in Illinois on November 11, 1988 and passed away on December 11, 2004 at the age of 16. We will remember him forever.

On November 11, 1988 the earth was graced with the birth of a wonderful boy.  However, his mother was unable to care for him, and placed him for adoption.  On March 17, 1989 this wonderful boy was united with the Moll family that consisted of Matthew, Barbara and Brian, who was not quite 2 years old.  They named him John Eric Moll.  John was a Godsend to the family, and brought joy to all.  Brian and John quickly became close friends.  By the time John was 6 years old, it was very apparent he was a special person with a gifted talent in all he did.  He was a honor roll student and gifted athlete.  At Hammerschmidt grammar school from first grade through fifth grade, John set at least one school record in track each year.  At Westlake Middle School, John was the point guard on the basketball team that went 40-0 over their 7th and 8th grade seasons.  In baseball John was a member of the Lombard Thunder baseball team that won the CABA 13 year-old World Series in Cincinnati.  During that World Series, John batted .500 while batting leadoff and played an outstanding center field.  Cincinnati was a good city for John, as his Firebirds soccer team played in the Queen City Tournament two years in a row, going undefeated both years, compiling a 10-0 record.

Besides sports, John had an incredible heart, and was always putting others before himself.  He never got a big head, and never wanted the spotlight.  He was a genuine person, and he always had a SMILE on his face.  John has touched many lives in his short time.  He will never be forgotten, he will always be missed, and John will always be loved.

We Love You Johnny!
Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday Smiling Johnny   / Matt Moll (Father)
Happy Birthday Smiling Johnny Moll! I truly wish you were here so I could tell you in person, and give you a great big hug. Things here aren't the same without you Johnny, I know my life will never be the same. Our family is long gone, Mom and Brian ...  Continue >>
10 Years After   / Matt Moll (Father)
Wow Johnny it's been 10 years since God called you home. I don't understand why he had to  take you and I wish he didn't, but it is all part of his plan. I truly wish you were here with me, flashing your smile on the basketball court while you s...  Continue >>
Legacy of an Adopted Child   / Barbara Moll (Mom)
Legacy of An Adopted Child
Author Unknown
Once there were two women,
Who barely knew each other.
One is in your heart forever,
The other you’ll call mother.
Two different lives,
Shaped to make yours one...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Johnny   / Sharon Davis
Happy Birthday Johnny. You are always remembered. Your mom is a wonderful person and she thinks of you all the time. I wish i could hae known you but i do feel as i don through your mom.
Happy Birthday Johnny!   / Cheryl Monette (Friend)
I wish I could have got to know you. Your mom talks so highly of you and she loves you with all her heart and soul. If you were anything like you mom you are a great person with a heart of gold. I heard all about your basketball games--maybe you c...  Continue >>
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Hey Buddy  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Hey Johnny  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Always Thinking of You  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Johnny  / Cheryl Monette (friend to his mom )    Read >>
Missing You  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Johnny and Evan  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Remembering Johnny  / Barbara Moll (Mom)    Read >>
Your still here  / Matt Moll (Father)    Read >>
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His legacy
Writings by Johnny  

Basketball Player
By John Moll
Age 12

Can any of yawl ball out there?  I didn't think so, but I certainly can because I think God gave me this gift and I think that gift is basketball because noone can ball better than Moll can.  See, it rhymes so it has to be my gift.  I picked this costume because you make a lot of money, which then equals to stretch Benz, big mansion, diamonds, one of my favorites of why I like this costume is that you get all of the fine and pretty women.  Because when you play as good as I do all the women will be all over you, just like they're all over me right now.  Then when I don't know what to do with my money anymore I will give a lot of it to charity.  That is what I like most about being a basketball player and that is that you help others that need help and you become a better man.

4th Grade Writings
by John Moll

Black brother
gets hot
when I am on his nerves

when he walks home
from his bus stop

Sounds loud,
sounds hurt
sounds funny

Tastes like
and every other person
human flesh

Smells like

soft and bony

Looks like
a great brother to me!

Makes me a happy person

I feel sad when my dad yells at me
and my mom yells at me.

I feel sad when my brother is mean,
and when my dad won't take me anywhere.

I feel angry when I have to go to band
and when I get a bad grade on a test.

I get nervous when I have a big test,
or a big basketball game,
or a big soccer game,
or a big bowling game.

I love when my dad goes out and buys me stuff.

I love when my mom and dad don't yell at me,
and when my dad takes me places.

I love when I don't have to go to band,
and when I get an A on a test.

I love when I win
my basketball game,
or soccer game,
or bowling game.

Every Day
Every day my brother
puts his underwear
on my head
and opens the door
so the dog can come in
and lick my face.

Every day I walk downstairs
to eat breakfast
and every boring day
I go to school,
but the only good thing
is that every now and then
I get an A in school.

There are only
three reasons
why I like

First reason is
if I didn't go to school
I wouldn't have as many friends.

Second reason is
you wouldn't learn anything.

Third reason is
you wouldn't have
any time with your friends.

My brother and a pair of socks
because they both stink.

Bill Clinton and my dog
because they're both sicko.

I match up with myself
because I am the coolest person in the world!

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